Romanen "Sulitjelma var solens øye" - nå også som paperback

Sulitjelma var solens øye av Marit Lund Bødtker (Nnf) er nå tilgjengelig også som paperback på

About the Author
The author of this book, Marit Lund Bødtker, was born in 1941. She grew up with her mother and two younger brothers, and with a father who was a book seller in a small book shop in a small mining town in North Norway. She later became a librarian and worked as a librarian for many years in Norway, as well as a school librarian in Japan. She stayed with her husband and son in China for two years and Japan for three years, coming back to Norway in 1985. She then switched her career at the age of 46 and studied journalism and took a degree at the Norwegian Journalist Academy. She worked as a journalist and editor of a drama magazine as well as a Library magazine, along with her bookwriting. She has also worked as a literaty agent for about five years, and attended the biggest book fairs in the world. She has been married to Eivind for over 50 years, they have one son, a Spanish daughter-in-law, three grandchildren, one of them is half American, living in Georgia, USA. The other two are half Spanish and they all live in the same house. The family in Norway lives in a generation house with a big dog and two cats. Marit still writes books, and intends to put out more books on Amazon in the years to come. She had her first book published in 1990, a children´s book. Alltogether she has written nine books (by June 2016). This book - Sulitjelma var solens øye - is the latest and is a mixture of fiction and "faction". Not everything in the book is true, but most of it has happened in real life, especially the described childhood of Jorid, the main character beside the book seller himself. Sulitjelma var solens øye was first published as an ebook on Amazon in 2015. In 2014 she wrote a book about her ten years long friendship with an inmate on death row in Texas, whom she visited a couple of times. He was executed in 2003. The book is under translation to English and will be published for sale during the fall of 2016.

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